Everything In Its Right Place

About a month ago our house was turned upside down, I mean quite literally, everything we owned got put into piles and sorted through, thanks to Mary Kondo and her Netflix show that my partner had discovered. For the uninitiated the basic premise is, you grab all the stuff you own, put it in various piles and then go through it asking yourself if each item/thing brings you joy. If you're reading this and thinking….what a load of old shit, I understand, I was very skeptical about a television show telling me how to sort my shit out but I thought I'd give it a go, I'm not sure why I jumped in with both feet, but I did. Turns out she might be onto something here, as I found something incredibly freeing about letting go of things you don’t need, want or that don’t bring you joy. This process inspired me to review other areas of my life, one of them being my songwriting and all things music related. 

I sorted through lots of old lyric books, found some old songs I loved that I had overlooked, went back over some demos and recordings I’d made in the past that had not been shared, but I also found some songs that I didn’t like, that I was holding onto because I’d spent a lot of time writing them, but I realised they didn’t really stand up, and using this process I was able to just let them go.  There’s something so freeing about saying goodbye to things, moving on and looking ahead.  It’s sparked a clearer and more focused approach for the future and I’m pretty sure it’s helping me write better songs too, as it seems, for me anyway, having the confidence to throw something away that’s not working makes room for something that does. 




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